PetaPak...... The PET Plastic Aerosol Container


Petapak is a PET aerosol container designed and developed by Petapak Aerosol Corporation. Work commenced on the development of the Petapak technology in 1999 with the design of the first Petapak prototype aerosol container. The main objectives of the project included the development of a PET aerosol container that was comparable in performance to the tin plate and aluminium aerosol containers being utilised in the market.

Since then continued research, development and testing has been undertaken to progress the idea from vision to reality. The Petapak aerosol container has successfully undergone testing by a number of organizations around the world and the technology is now ready for commercialisation.

Today Petapak Corporation is proud to showcase its PET aerosol technology to the world.

Petapak’s obvious advantages include its cost efficiency over tin plate and aluminium aerosol containers, enhanced marketability utilising, if appropriate the transparent nature of the PET package and shorter lead times.

Petapak can utilise shrink labels, self adhesive labels and silk screen printing.