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PET Aerosol Container

Innovative aerosol container that is comparable in performance to tinplate and aluminium aerosol containers

Environmentally Friendly

Recycled PET bottles can be turned into polyester fibers, or recycled back into new, single-serve PET bottles.

Immune to Rust Corrosion

Metal cans rust when in contact with water (even moisture) or when kept for a long period of time. Petapak will not rust.

Higher Safety Factor

When metal cans reach pressures beyond its capacity, they can explode and become projectiles. Petapak's fast release design eliminates this factor.

Reduced Capital Cost

Capital costs required for a metal can manufacturing plant is more expensive than a plastic container manufacturing plant.

Water Based Formulations

Petapak handles water based formulations without treating the internal pack with a liner as is currently done with metal and aluminium cans.

Industry Standard Valve

Petapak uses the current industry standard 1 inch aerosol valve that is internally crimped.

Petapak — PET Aerosol Container

Petapak container has been developed as an innovative aerosol container that is comparable in performance to the tinplate and aluminium aerosol containers that is currently in the market.

A number of companies around the world have and are attempting to develop a PET aerosol container. However, Petapak has successfully developed a container that meets the aerosol industry requirements in terms of pressure, safety, ease of production and use of the industry one inch internally crimped valve.

PET is an acronym for Polyethylene Terephthalate, a plastic material which is part of the polyester family and can be used for food contact applications. It is light, shock-resistant, can be shaped ergonomically for better handling and can be produced in different colours. It can also be utilised as a transparent or semi transparent package.